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Research into the Lightbody Family History started in the early 1930s with the information collected by William Lightbody (1872 - 1950) of Farnham in Surrey.

The histories he assembled were codified in two principal documents, the Lightbody Book of the Scottish families (first printed in October 1932) and the English Record which details the English families with a few references to a small number of Irish branches and links back to some of the Scottish branches.

The research was continued by his nephew Peter Lightbody (1910 - 1992) and then by Esther Galbraith (who owns the Lightbody One-Name Study) and more recently a number of others including Andy Lightbody.

With interest in genealogy growing rapidly as the internet allows much greater access to family records Andy decided to publish much of the information collected over the last 80 years to provide access to members of the family outside the UK and to provide a collaborative working environment which will support new information being added to complement that which has already been collected.

Information has also been collected about the other (non-Lightbody) branches of Andy and Anne (née Brooks) Lightbody's own families. Family members reading this are invited to contact them by telephone or by using the Contact screen on this website.

Andy Lightbody

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