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This site includes information on Andy and Anne Lightbody's own family and also the Lightbody One Name Study. The majority of the tree related information relates to the Lightbody Family Name.

Research into the Lightbody Family History started in the early 1930s with the information collected by William Lightbody (1872 - 1950) of Farnham in Surrey. The histories that he assembled were codified in two principal documents, the Lightbody Book of the Scottish families (first published in October 1932) and the English Record which details the English families with a few references to the small number of Irish branches.

The research was continued by his nephew Peter Lightbody (1910 - 1992) and then by Esther Galbraith. Esther also managed the Lightbody One-Name Study with the support of others including Andy Lightbody. Esther ceased managing the Lightbody One Name Study at the end of 2022 and Andy Lightbody took the Lightbody One Name Study over in mid-2023.

Andy decided to publish much of the information that has been collected on the Lightbody family to provide access to members of the family outside the UK and to offer a collaborative working environment for further development of the information held.

The easiest way to access the Lightbody material is to use the Search function on this page and enter THE LIGHTBODY in the first name box and FAMILY in the last name box. This will then allow you to select one of the three main trees for the Scottish Branch, the English Branch or the Irish Branch. The Scottish Branch is the largest and oldest with the English Branch just behind. The Irish Branch is much smaller. International branches then emerge from these.

In addition to the Lightbody One-Name tree the site also includes a section that covers Andy and Anne (née Brooks) Lightbody's own family. The easiest way to access these details is to click on the Lightbody Family and Brooks Family at the top of this page.

Many of the images are best viewed using the Slide Show function.

Update - January 2023: all the information from the previous site has now been uploaded. Substantial new information has been added including a significant number of Histories and Albums which provide alternative views of much new information.

Update - February 2024: the process of adding citations continues although to add them to the whole site will take a very considerable time because of the number required. The site continues to be extended and substantial new Irish, American and Australian branches have been added over since the last release.

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Andy Lightbody

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